Our Team

Our Team

Our expert stylists and colourists are artists and renegades, but not at the expense of your hair's health. We do our best work when our clients sit down, relax and trust us. 


Founder and Creative Director

Tracy is the creative genius behind Common Thread, setting it up at the fresh age of 26, having previously worked for Stephen Marr for more than a decade (yep, she started young!). She has two loves in her job - educating staff and clients; and influencing her clients' confidence through the power of hair artistry.

If you’ve been led to believe that your hair ‘can’t’ do something then Tracy is the hair artist for you. She loves achieving the 'unachievable'. "I don't do CAN'T, ask my team - that word isn't welcome at Common Thread."

Thinking of trying something new? Tracy loves trying new things and has been testing freehand cutting (where the hair is cut dry, using just scissors and your hands to feel the shape). It allows the hair to fall naturally, creating a more organic form and making it super easy to wear. 

She also loves a classic, sharp French bob - "so sleek and oozes that don't f*ck with me charm". Those with super straight hair who want a very precise shape leave their hair in Tracy’s capable hands. "I get lost in the challenge to perfect any imperfections, so that when it moves in any direction it's flawless." 

She's all about honesty and trust with her clients, but then that is the Common Thread mantra. 


Hair Artist

When Kirsty was five she really wanted a bob, but her mum wouldn't let her get one. So Kirsty took matters into her own hands - lopping off one long pigtail with giant shears. Fast forward 23 years and her passion for style-defining hair hasn't changed, though thankfully the shears have been replaced with proper tools!

Kirsty is a great all-rounder, skilfully turning her hand to everything from technically-challenging short cuts to curls or classic longer styles. She loves making connections with her guests, being able to pamper them, taking the time to make each appointment special. 

She has a special love for mums, and not just because she recently became one. If you need a real treat and a bit of pampering Kirsty would love to give you a little luxurious escape in your day.

Hair Artist & Barberettè

For Kat working in the hair industry seemed like destiny - she was approached in a mall and asked if she would like to study at the Cut Above Academy. Three years later, after studying hairdressing and barbering, she began working as a barber.

After seven years as a barber, Kat decided to follow her heart and look for a Hair Studio that fit with her values, one that used natural products, was a sustainable and honoured natural beauty. Obviously, she fits perfectly on the Common Thread team. Her mission is to be a holistic hair artist, finding the essence of who you are and to guide you on your hair quest.

If you’re looking to elevate your confidence and style, Kat will help empower you by creating beautiful work whether sharp and structured or unleashed curls that play  for days. She loves colour that feels flawless, rich in dimension and always luminous. Regardless of where you are on the colour spectrum her aim is to provoke positive attention, sending you on your way feeling enlightened and free spirited.


Hair and Makeup Artist

Sarah knew from a young age, whatever she was going to do would need to be artistic and driven by passion. And she has followed that dream to the max! 

After working for Servilles for several years, she was a finalist in the prestigious Loreal Colour Trophy. But not only is Sarah a brilliant hairdresser she also trained in makeup. She joined the M.A.C team which gave her the opportunity to work on numerous shows with designers such as Zambesi, Juliet Hogan, Twenty Seven Names, Nicole Miller and Trelise Cooper, as well as the Vodafone Music Awards and the Style Pacifica Awards. 

Sarah’s love of styling gives her the unique talent of being able to put together hair and makeup for those wanting the complete package. Perfect for your big event. 

From a perfectly executed bob to a gorgeous head of curly hair, Sarah enjoys bringing her special brand of elegance to your look. For those of you who have long blonde locks and want to stand out in the crowd, Sarah will deliver. She enjoys being trusted to execute your dream hair and being given the opportunity to add flair to take the look to the next level.


Hair & Makeup Artist

Sam is at her best when change is in the air - she gets super-excited about a transformation, whether it’s only a hint or really drastic. 

She specialises in clean, bold cuts and colours and loves creating styles that can be worn structured or messy/textured. She calls them split personality cuts and she’s damn good at them. 

Vibrant is the best word to describe Sam. While she is amazing at any colour, if you are wanting an exciting colour, she’s the artist for you. 

Her goal is to change the world by helping people be their best. So if you’re willing to trust the process and have fun with your hair, you’ll always leave feeling incredible.




Morgan is the studio’s wunderkind alchemist. Already she has mastered the art of colouring after only working at Common Thread since 2019. She enjoys taking the role of the magician, transforming hair colouring into an artform.

Outside of expanding her alchemist skills she loves plants having at least 50 in her room at home. In the studio she manages to give each of the many plants plenty of loving care. If you need plant advice Morgan is your gal. 

Morgan is also a Makeup artist able to reproduce the amazing looks of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. If you’re wanting a look that has the classic charm of yesteryear Morgan can make you look like a movie star.



Ashleigh is our newest Alchemist, having joined the team in 2020. When she was 14 she wrote a contract for her mother. She stated in it that she would study to be hairdresser and give her mother free hairdressing for the rest of her life! Now she’s joined Common Thread she can make good on the contract.

Outside of CT she is an avid restorer. Her projects include her Ford Anglia car as well as numerous desks and pieces of furniture. Currently she has a set of wood and cast iron cinema chairs that need some love and creativity spent on them.

Being a quad, all sisters, means she knows all about trying to stand out in a crowd. It helped her develop a unique hair philosophy.  “Whatever you do with your hair it should be fun to wake up with and pick you up for the day.” Time spent with Ash in the Studio will make you feel brighter.



Studio Manager

Meredith is the smiling face that greets you at the door to Common Thread. She puts the “organised” in our organisation. Full-time encourager and part-time writer, she will be happy to book your appointments and share a story when you visit. Whatever you need, Meredith is there to make it happen for you.