Our Team

Our Team

Our expert stylists and colourists are artists and renegades, but not at the expense of your hair's health. We do our best work when our clients sit down, relax and trust us. 



Vibrant Transformative Colour & Precision Cut Specialist - $150 per hour 

For as long as I can remember, I have had a great love for the craft of hair. 

At the start of my career, I quickly realised that I enjoyed the technical chemistry of colour and had a natural ability to translate this science into real-life colour situations. 

I specialise in complex colour corrections, multi-tonal coppers and reds and white hair coverage transitions.

A stunning colour is like a movable ever-evolving artwork that changes with light and shadow. So creating this masterpiece for my studio guests brings me a tremendous amount of joy!

I also like to create shapes and textures that work with my guest's bone structure and hair type that enhances their natural features.

I am all about styles that allow guests to go on a hair journey as their cut and colour grow out. I love to work with my studio guests to ensure they get the most from their time in the studio and can confidently maintain that at home. Home haircare plays such an integral part in the hair journey too. It's about creating sustainable styles. I want you to love your hair right up until your next appointment with me!

This philosophy is very much reflected in my personal style. I love clean lines and uncluttered, uncomplicated visuals. Simple beauty with a bit of an edge. I love to purchase pre-loved high-quality items that have a history and purpose. Think "Marie Kondo" meets "Johnny Romeo". I also love house plants and enjoy spending many hours wandering around our local garden centres.

My love of colour and technical education, armed with a passion for sustainability, led me to become the National Education Manager for the NZ distributor of Davines for 6 years. This position allowed me to refine my craft while sharing my knowledge with premium salons across New Zealand. I also had the opportunity to train with some of the world's top hairdressers and trainers, including International Hairdresser of the Year awards winners and A-list celebrities.

Outside of the studio,  I am a mum to a young man with Down syndrome and a young daughter. My children are as passionate about sustainability as I am. We can often be found collecting rubbish from around our neighbourhood or supporting one of the many organisations that advocate for young people with disabilities. My son and I have recently started a skincare and grooming business designed to empower him to be independent and live a life of purpose while educating the broader community about what it means to live with Down syndrome.

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you and beginning our journey together.



Razor Cutting & Colour Transformation Specialist - $135 per hour 

Sara likes to bring out the uniqueness of you in every cut and colour. She sculpts free-form cuts that accentuate and compliment your facial features, plus she can help you find the colour that makes you shine. She enjoys giving hair the freedom to be itself and follow its own growth patterns, making it easier for you to style at home.
Sara has over 18years of experience, 10 of those internationally. Along with being a hair artist, she has studied textile design and trained in tack making under a saddler who once worked at Buckingham Palace.
Multi-Talented, she has come to Common Thread with a heart for listening to people to help you discover the dream hair you always wanted.


Colour Alchemist & Keratin Specialist - $80 per hour

Renee joined the Common Thread team in 2020 and has quickly become our keratin expert. You can't mistake Renee in the studio with her vibrant red hair!

Apart from loving to colour and straighten hair, she is passionate about her fur baby called Ruby. She's a little bundle of black fluff that will melt any heart. 

If you're wanting to go straight - book in with Renee!


Colour Alchemist & Makeup Specialist - $80 per hour

Morgan is the studio’s wunderkind alchemist. Already she has mastered the art of colouring after only working at Common Thread since 2019. She enjoys taking the role of the magician, transforming hair colouring into an artform.

Outside of expanding her alchemist skills she loves plants having more than she can count in her room at home. In the studio she manages to give each of the many plants plenty of loving care. If you need plant advice Morgan is your gal. 

Morgan is also a Makeup artist able to reproduce the amazing looks of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. If you’re wanting a look that has the classic charm of yesteryear Morgan can make you look like a movie star.


Beach Blonde Colour & Cut Specialist / Event Hair & Makeup Artist - $135 per hour

I adore blonde hair. It's not only the colour that appeals to me; also the creative expression and technical skill needed to make a striking blonde.

Working with a guest to go blonde is a creative and technical challenge. I've got to be on my game all the time thinking where I'm going to place that blonde colour. Getting the placement right can bring more movement into the look and enhance a client's features. I get excited working out how I can make my blonde clients look amazingly carefree and effortless. It's always my goal to keep the hair in ultimate condition. Because of this, I love to create a low-maintenance colour that doesn't compromise the hair. Hard and fast colour change is not my style.

Along with blonding, I also specialise in events, hair, and makeup and love glamming my clients up for special occasions.

I've been working in the hair and beauty industry since 2002. I started my career as a hairdresser before going on to study makeup artistry. My experience covers salons, fashion, runway show's for fashion week, photoshoots, and bridal. There was even a period when I was the head tutor of the Makeup School in Ponsonby and dabbling in a little bit of film.

 My personal style is boho. I love floating feminine skirts and tops that get paired with hard elements like cowboy boots. That juxtaposition is what appeals to me - and hats. I love hats! It is the epitome of being carefree and adventurous. And of course, the natural vibe, being close to the beach and nature, is essential to me.

 Away from the studio, I am a mother of two children and have two dogs.  One of them frequently hangs out with me in the studio, Dixie, the dachshund. She loves greeting guests in the studio. I'm passionate about fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.  For me, it's never just about hair or makeup, but holistic wellbeing, isn't it?


Mid to Short & Curly Cut and Colour Hairapist / Event Hair - $125 per hour

When Kirsty was five she really wanted a bob, but her mum wouldn't let her get one. So Kirsty took matters into her own hands - lopping off one long pigtail with giant shears. Fast forward 23 years and her passion for style-defining hair hasn't changed, though thankfully the shears have been replaced with proper tools!

Kirsty's speciality is creating low maintenance cuts and colours  for mums with busy lives. She's is a great all-rounder, skilfully turning her hand to everything from technically-challenging short cuts to curls or classic longer styles. She loves making connections with her guests, being able to pamper them, taking the time to make each appointment special. 

If you need a real treat and a bit of pampering Kirsty would love to give you a little luxurious escape in your day.


Hair & Makeup Specialist - $125 per hour

(Returning back from maternity leave April 2022)

Sam is at her best when change is in the air - she gets super-excited about a transformation, whether it’s only a hint or really drastic. 

She specialises in clean, bold cuts and colours and loves creating styles that can be worn structured or messy/textured. She calls them split personality cuts and she’s damn good at them. 

Vibrant is the best word to describe Sam. While she is amazing at any colour, if you are wanting an exciting colour, she’s the artist for you. 

Her goal is to change the world by helping people be their best. So if you’re willing to trust the process and have fun with your hair, you’ll always leave feeling incredible.


Studio Manager

Meredith is the smiling face that greets you at the door to Common Thread. She puts the “organised” in our organisation. Full-time encourager and part-time writer, she will be happy to book your appointments and share a story when you visit. Whatever you need, Meredith is there to make it happen for you. 


Holistic Hair Specialist & Barberettè - $110 per hour

(Currently on maternity leave)

For Kat working in the hair industry seemed like destiny - she was approached in a mall and asked if she would like to study at the Cut Above Academy. Three years later, after studying hairdressing and barbering, she began working as a barber.

Seven years later Kat decided to follow her heart and look for a Hair Studio that aligned with her values - using natural products, being sustainable and honouring natural beauty. Obviously, she fits perfectly on the Common Thread team. Her mission is to be a holistic hair artist, finding the essence of who you are and to guide you on your hair quest.

If you’re looking to elevate your confidence and style, Kat will help empower you by creating beautiful work whether sharp and structured or unleashed curls that play for days. She loves colour that feels flawless, rich in dimension and always luminous. Regardless of where you are on the colour spectrum her aim is to provoke positive attention, sending you on your way feeling enlightened and free spirited.


Founder & Creative Director

(Currently is taking a hiatus from doing hair )

Tracy is the creative genius behind Common Thread, setting it up at the fresh age of 26, having previously worked for Stephen Marr for more than a decade (yep, she started young!). She has two loves in her job - educating staff and clients; and influencing her clients' confidence through the power of hair artistry.

Tracy likes trying new things and has been testing freehand cutting (where the hair is cut dry, using just scissors and your hands to feel the shape). It allows the hair to fall naturally, creating a more organic form and making it super easy to wear. She also loves a classic, sharp French bob - "so sleek and oozes that don't f*ck with me charm. I get lost in the challenge to perfect any imperfections, so that when it moves in any direction it's flawless." 

She's all about honesty and trust with her clients, but then that is the Common Thread mantra.*