Our Approach


Everyone wants to feel beautiful and confident. That's the Common Thread that drives us. You're unique, so we're driven to help you express the real you. We meticulously ensure you look and feel badass every single day, using only ethical brands. We're focused on your entire health and wellbeing and that of the world around us. Because while we love cutting, colouring and styling hair, it's never just about hair.


Your relationship with your hair stylist is one of the most important in your life (or at least we like to think so). We know your hair can make or break how you feel every day and we take that very seriously.

Our tight-knit crew of specialists work collaboratively, with each other and you. We’re proud to work in Pukekohe - because you shouldn’t have to go into Auckland city to have badass hair.

We love what we do and we’re shit-hot at it. We listen carefully, ask loads of questions and love when you trust us to create something incredible that perfectly suits you. We’re holistic - your hair’s health is just one part of the equation.

Common Thread also cares about our environmental footprint. Our products are sustainable and eco-friendly, with minimal packaging and a traceable providence.

We’re part of the Sustainable Salons New Zealand network and recycle 95 per cent of our waste. We use low ammonia or ammonia-free colours and paper instead of tin foil. Essentially, we’re conscious consumers and our clients are, too.


We're proud to salon differently...

Common Thread is a group of talented hair artists who charge hourly session rates based on their education, experience, specialities, skill, and demand. Please read our Hair Artists bios to find the specialist artist for your needs.

Each session is tailored to fit your unique hair needs.

Your hair artist will create a bespoke hair plan that they can accomplish during the service time booked.

The choice of one on one time with your hair artist or a collaboration between hair artist and alchemist is yours. If you'd like a collaboration, please select 1 hour booking with your hair artist followed by 2+ hours with your alchemist.

Services we provide include: cutting, colour, blonding, balayage, colour transformations, event styling and makeup, keratin and prescriptive hair and scalp treatments.

We require all new or 'after a change' colour and keratin clients to have an in-depth consultation, scalp and strand testing before the hair booking time to ensure we allocate enough time to create your hair desires. 

1 hour- haircut
2 hours- root retouch and haircut
2 hours- solid colour
2 hours- some highlights
2-3 hours - keratin smoothing treatment
3 hours- highlights everywhere
3 hours- roots plus dimension on ends
3 hours- blonding or balayage
3-6 hours- transformation, blonding, vivids, creative colour