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Range Product Lumens
Essential Haircare Essential Range travel size shampoo or conditioner 250
Shampoo- Minu, Momo, Volu, Solu, Melu, Love Curl, Love Smooth, Dede, Nounou 420
Conditioner- Minu, Momo, Melu, Love Curl, Love Smooth, Dede, Nounou 420
Minu, Momo, Volu, Melu, Love Curl, Love Smooth, Dede, Nounou masks, treatments, sprays or styling products 450
Love Curl Clensing Cream 650
Shampoo Bar: Volu, Dede, Love Smooth, Momo 420
Essential Haircare Gift Pack 1000
Alchemic Range Alchemic travel size shampoo or conditioner 250
Sliver, Chocolate, Copper or Red Shampoo 450
Silver, Chocolate, Copper, Red, Pink, Teal, Marine Blue, Peach Conditioner 450
Heart of Glass Heart of Glass travel size shampoo, conditioner or treatment 250
Heart of Glass Shampoo 500
Heart of Glass Conditioner 500
Heart of Glass Intense Treatment 500
Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze 450
Heart of Glass Gift Pack 1000
Oi Range Oi travel size shampoo, conditioner, All-in-One Milk or Oi Butter 250
Oi Oil travel size 350
Oi Oil  600
Oi Shampoo 500
Oi Conditioner 500
Oi All-in-One Milk 600
Oi Butter 600
Oi Gift Pack 1000
Naturatech Range Naturatech travel size shampoo or conditioner 250
Naturatech Shampoo 500
Naturatech Conditioner (except Nourishing) 500
Naturatech Nourishing Conditioner 600
Naturatech Nourishing Pak 600
Naturatech Nourishing Mask 600
Naturatech Nourishing Keratin Sealer 600
Naturatech Purifying Gel 600
Naturatech Calming Superactive 700
Naturatech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive 700
Naturatech Renewing Serum Superactive 800
Naturatech Energising Superactive 1000
The Circle Chronicles Hair Mask, any in range 220
Root Concealer Beauty Dust Root Concealer 400
Styling  More Inside Styling Products 500
Hair Refresher 400
Brushes Detangler Brush 400
Styler Brush 450
Paddle Brush 450
Thermal Styler Brush 500

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