Our Services

We're proud to salon differently...

Common Thread is a group of talented hair artists who charge hourly session rates based on their education, experience, specialities, craft, and demand. We're all about transparency here reckon that should apply to pricing, too.

What is hourly pricing?

Creating hair looks we see on Instagram takes time, care and more skill than it used to 10 years ago when all we did was highlights and global colours.

  • It's transparent. It includes all of our services, regardless of what service you're getting. 
  • It's fair.  Your hair may take us 1 hour to create the look you after, or it may take us 3. You pay the time you are in our chair. Guest who take less time to complete the look they are after pay less and guest who take more time to create their look pay more.  Simple as that
  • Its gender-neutral, gender-affirming, promote inclusivity, age-neutral.
  • Charging hourly stops us from becoming overworked and underpaid.

Each session is tailored to fit your unique hair needs.

Your hair artist will create a bespoke hair plan that they can accomplish during the service time booked.

The choice of one-on-one time with your hair artist or a collaboration between a hair artist and alchemist is yours.

Services we provide include cutting, colour, blonding, balayage, colour transformations, event styling and makeup, keratin and prescriptive hair and scalp treatments.

We require all new or 'after a change' colour and keratin clients to have an in-depth consultation, scalp and strand testing before the hair booking time to ensure we allocate enough time to create your hair desires.

Average Session Times
1 hour- haircut
2 hours- root retouch and haircut
2 hours- solid colour 2 hours- some highlights
2-3 hours - keratin smoothing treatment
3 hours- highlights everywhere
3 hours- roots plus dimension on ends
3 hours- blonding or balayage
3-6 hours- transformation, blonding, vivids, creative colour
**For a more personalised estimate of booking time, please click here to fill in the service request form, and plan for a 30-minute consultation first.
**All session times are subject to change based on consultation, hair type, creative involvement, and unexpected colour challenges

Hourly Rates

Morgan - $85 per hour
Renee - $85 per hour
Kat - $115 per hour
Sam - $135 per hour
Kirsty - $135 per hour
Sara - $145 per hour
Sarah - $145 per hour
Virginia - $145 per hour
Tracy - $165 per hour

We charge an $2 on top of your total bill as a commitment to Sustainable Salons ongoing mission to reuse, recycle and repurpose our waste.