Why Our Crew are Specialists

Why Our Crew are Specialists

We call our hairdressers Hair Artists because what they do is not just cutting and colouring hair, but creating a masterpiece that is going to make you look badass each and every day. 

We're artists that use your hair as our medium and are commissioned by you to create your dream look. And there are so many approaches and techniques we can draw from.  

Like fine artists, you can’t be a master of everything. To create a masterpiece you need to specialise, to focus on what ignites passion. Some of our hair artists specialise in colour, while others enjoy certain types of hair.

When we are able to focus on what we are best at, we truly grow and become experts. 

We all want to look and feel fabulous which is why it is important to choose the right person for the job. One that is able to commit to the hair journey you want to go on and can take you all the way. No one wants to find out halfway through that they’ve been going in the wrong direction. 

Each of our artists has pursued extra training and expertise to excel in their chosen area. And we encourage you to check each hair artists bio to see what resonates with you. Because when you want to have heart surgery you don’t book an electrician! 

Because choosing a hairdresser is one of the most important relationships in your life, we think you should only have the best.

So if you’re all about blonde you need a blonde specialist. If you have a desire for change every time you come to the studio then you need someone who specialises in transformations. 

You’re unique and each of our hair artists has unique skills, so together you have a match made in heaven!

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