Step Up Your Hair Game with Lakmē K2.0

Step Up Your Hair Game with Lakmē K2.0

Alright, buckle up, because we've got the scoop on a hair treatment that's about to change your hair game. Ever dreamed of a product that could make your hair steal the show, get a standing ovation, and even outshine you at times? Well, say hello to our undercover hero - Lakmē K2.0.



Why Should You Be Psyched About Lakmē K2.0?


Shine, Softness, and Hydration Galore

Picture this - your hair shines like a million-dollar diamond, it's as soft as a puppy's ear, and it's got hydration levels that would make a camel jealous. We're talking a whopping 94% boost in combability.


Breakage-Proof (Almost) Guaranteed 

Imagine your hair wrapped in an invisible shield during a technical service. Breakages? Not a chance. We're cranking up resistance by a whopping 48%. Breakage, who?


Instant Gratification

No need to twiddle your thumbs, wondering if Lakmē K2.0 is working. Results? You'll see 'em from the very first application. 


Selective TLC

It's basically therapy for your hair, zeroing in on those problem areas. Tailored care where your hair needs it most, and it plays nice with your regular hair routine. Win-win!


But What's In the Secret Sauce?


Peptide K2.0

Lakmē K2.0 second-gen amino acid sequence is a real mimic master, copying your hair's amino acid sequences like a pro. It's your hair's personal bodyguard, keeping it strong and protected, making your hair say, "Breakage? Pfft, not today!"



Derived from corn seeds, it's your hair's repair guru. Imagine it as a renovation project for your hair's internal structure and a rebuilding session for damaged bonds. The result? Hair that's super soft, resilient, and easy to manage.


Hyaluronic acid 

Yep, you heard right – it's not just for your skin. This biotech wonder is here to strengthen and hydrate your hair, taking it back to its original glory long before you started messing with it.


Combination of Organic Oils

Imagine it as a luxurious spa day for your hair. Monoï de Tahiti, Macadamia, and Babassu oils unite to moisturise, repair, and shield all hair types. Dehydration? No chance.


So there you have it, your passport to healthy, hydrated, and utterly fabulous hair - no smoke, no mirrors – just a formula that knows how to get the job done.


Ready for the Lakmē K2.0 VIP treatment? Go ahead, chat with your Common Thread Hair Artist, and get ready for a deluge of compliments. Healthy, hydrated, shiny, and protected hair – that's not asking too much, is it? 

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