So Long Autumn: Winter Hair Colours to Try in 2024

As the crisp autumn air gives way to winter's chill, it's the perfect time to refresh your hair colour with the hottest trends of 2024. This year's all about embracing effortlessly chic vibes and natural charm with a twist, bringing depth and dimension to your hair. Prepare for dimensional blondes, reds, and brunettes, each offering tailored visual movement through skillful colour layering. It's low-maintenance beauty with a dash of intrigue.

Biscuit Blondes

Warm, golden hues mixed with buttery goodness and a hint of toasted charm define the Biscuit Blonde. This shade is perfect for those who love effortless elegance with a playful edge, providing a sunkissed glow even in the chilliest months. Biscuit Blonde adds warmth and dimension to your locks, keeping them light and bright.

Bronde Blends

Caught in the delightful middle ground between blonde and brunette, bronde hair remains a hot trend for winter 2024. It's flattering, mood-boosting, and practically zero fuss. This in-between shade blends caramel, honey, and golden tones, creating a look that's both rich and warm. Whether you opt for subtle highlights or a full-on blended transformation, this trend promises a low-maintenance, high-impact style that grows out gracefully.

Cowboy Copper

This stunning shade blends brunette and bronze to create a rusted effect, giving your locks a uniquely rugged yet sophisticated vibe. The beauty of Cowboy Copper lies in its versatility; the nuanced tones can be adjusted to suit any skin tone, offering either a warm, golden touch or a cool, deep hue. This trend anchors winter redheads with rich earth tones, making the colour look grounded and naturally vibrant. Add some wild-west charm to your winter look with Cowboy Copper.

Glassy Brunettes

The Glassy Brunettes trend is defined by natural tones dripping in sweet luxe depth and mirror-like shine. These iconic shades bring out the richness in your hair colour with an emphasis on glassy shine and hair health. It's low-maintenance, growing out beautifully and keeping your hair game strong between salon visits. Imagine glossy shades of brown that make your hair look irresistibly healthy like it has a permanent filter. The secret? Achieve this by applying two glosses in succession for maximum colour reflection and shine.

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