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Razor cuts are back! 3 things you need to know

Who else is binging on season 2 of The Flight Attendant right now?

Can we all take a moment to pay homage to Kaley Cuoco's hair!

Oozing effortless versatility, worn up for sophisticated evenings, corporate meetings and her flight attendant duties😉.

It's totally rock-chic with a bit of sass. Just the way we like it.

Are you wondering if you should follow The Flight Attendance inbound style instructions and get a floaty, layered razor cut? And what is a razor cut, and will it suit me?  

Here's 3 things you need to know before going under the blade.

Kayley Cuoco


Find a specialist.

Does the thought of a razor cut give you flashbacks to thin and wispy ends, a bowl cut from the ears up, or worse, a combo of the two?

Carving shapes in hair with a razor cant be done by just any hairdresser. Cutting hair with a razor requires a different skill and sleight of hand than scissor work, as well as an adept understanding of unique quirks and how hair likes to move naturally.

It's of critical to entrust your precious head of hair to an experienced razor hair artist. 

Will it suit me?

This look is for you if you love soft feminine waves that complement your face and jawline. Razor cutting is a highly skilled technique where your hair artist freehand carves into your hair with a razor. It essentially makes the hair lighter and airier.

For those with straight hair, a razor cut will give texture and movement, while for curly hair, the results can be life-changing - or, rather, curl changing. Hair can curl more naturally when it is lighter and less weighed down. The epitome of effortless cool.

Is a razor cut hard to live with?

Razor cuts by design are simple and easy to live with. A good razor cut will follow the hair's natural fall so that styling is effortless. Another bonus is that going with your hair's natural growth patterns and waves will look good for longer.

So who's a dab hand at swinging a razor at Common Thread?

Sara is our resident razor specialist who has the vision and the skill to execute a look that will have you leaving the studio brimming with confidence.

Are you ready? Book in with Sara to be on your way fresh new you.

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