I’m a regular why are you asking me for a deposit?

I’m a regular why are you asking me for a deposit?

Thanks for your question about deposits.

Yes, taking deposits is one of our new post lockdown procedures we’ve actioned when making your booking. 

Please know requesting a deposit is in no way a reflection of the distrust of our loyal, long-standing guests, such as yourself.

Taking deposits has been on the rise as a best practice for service industries for some time now, especially for longer bookings over 1hr. So although it is new to us, it is being done elsewhere.

I’ve recently experienced personal examples: paying in full before my osteo appointment and paying a deposit for family and team photos.

Requesting a deposit to confirm your booking signifies:
  • You are committed to booking out your ‘you time’ in your schedule
  • You are committed to investing in yourself
  • You value and respect your hair artists time 
  • You value supporting the sustainability and continuance of the studio (especially during this challenging time), along with accepting our late cancellation policy.
  • You are considerate to other guests who may have wanted the booking.
To keep the Common Thread experience consistent for all our guests, we decided to roll it out for everyone, v’s just for new and not for loyal clients. I’m sure you can appreciate that it would be an administrative nightmare trying to run two procedures.

Last-minute changes and cancellations have a huge effect not only on the studio but on the income of your hair artist each week. With the expected disruption Omicron will bring, the cash flow generated by deposits will help us get through and is greatly appreciated.

I hope you understand our need to progress with this new business practice.

P.S. Please don’t come in if you are ill or a covid close contact. We will honour your deposit and move it to your next appointment.
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