Circular Sustainability - what does it mean?

Circular Sustainability - what does it mean?

Recently some of the team from Common Thread went to talk on how to promote sustainability in business. One concept that was talked about was circularity.

What is circularity?

Currently, we live in a linear economy. We make a product, and at the end of its life, we throw it away. Circularity is where we make a product, and we factor the disposal of the product into the equation at the beginning. So the goal is to try and keep the resources used to make the product cycling through the system as long as possible, so they don’t become waste.

How can a hair studio promote circularity?

At Common Thread, we have started on the journey. We choose to use Davines products as their packaging is designed considering the goal to abandon virgin materials coming from fossil fuel and ensure their recycling at the end of life.

In the studio, we recycle as much as we can of our waste through Sustainable Salons NZ, and we would like to encourage you to bring back your bottles purchased from Common Thread so we can recycle them for you (and we give you 50 bonus lumens for every container returned). 

What can we all do to encourage a circular economy?

  1. Consume less - only buy what you need. Second-hand is a good option, plus repurpose and reuse items. Remember to take your own bags when shopping is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment.

  2. Consume better - choosing versions of products that have been produced in more sustainable ways or that can be recycled.

  3. Create systematic change - there is only so much you can do as a consumer. The core principle of a circular economy is that products should be designed to last, with parts or materials that can be used again. We need to encourage businesses and governments to make this happen.

Join on us on our journey by bringing back your product containers. We love it and so does the planet!

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