Razor Cutting & Natural Colour Specialist - $145 per hour

Wolf cut / Pixie / Mullet & Shag / Hair Sculpture / Natural Colours

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Sara Reyes

"I sculpt hair with free-form razor cuts that accentuates and compliments your facial features, using the natural textures in your hair. I can also help you find the colour that makes you shine."

Sara likes to bring out the uniqueness of you in every cut and colour. She is a one of New Zealand's leading razor cutting specialists. Razor cutting is all about creating a lighter texture in the hair that looks free and easy. The finished vibe is soft, bohemian and a little bit edgy.

A razor cut will  give your hair the freedom to be itself and follow its own growth patterns, making it easier for you to style at home.  

“I’m inspired by 70s rock and roll, punk for the 80s and also French looks from the 60s - a mix that allows me to draw on hard edges while still favouring a feminine aesthetic that embraces the natural textures of your hair.”

Sara has over 18years of experience, 10 of those internationally. Along with being a hair artist, she has studied textile design and trained in tack making under a saddler who once worked at Buckingham Palace.

Multi-Talented, she is able to create a beautiful silhouette that will flatter your best features, a uniquely cool look that is all you!