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Bright and Bold Specialist - $135 per hour

Sam is on a mission to bring brightness to the world, especially when it can feel so dark. Being a colour chameleon herself, she appreciates how bright and bold colour somehow brightens your day. Some days it can be a fight to be able to express your true self. All those colours to choose from and hair trends that you see popping up on your Instagram feed. How do you choose what colour will suit your complexion and eye colour? Maybe you’ve tried a bold look in the past only to be left feeling overexposed walking around with it in public.

Well, here’s where Sam comes in. Did you know Sam used to be a makeup artist in a previous life? Her approach is to combine her hair and makeup superpowers and create a unique look just for you.
After all, her favourite quote is - 
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” By Dr Seuss.

Time to add a bit of brightness to your life.