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 Morgan Abel

Colour Alchemist & Makeup Specialist - $85 per hour

Morgan is the studio’s wunderkind alchemist. She takes the role of the magician, transforming hair into an artform. 

Her work is a marriage of creativity and beauty. She is constantly researching ideas and experimenting to make them currently relevant to achieve a balance of hair, beauty and individuality.

Morgan is an creative innovator, able to turn her hand to most artistic endeavours from painting, creative writing and sculpting to fashion design. She has also been exploring the art of colour in the fashion world.

Her keen eye for beauty and her unconventional thinking combined with her other artistic talents blend seamlessly in her hand-painting colour technique where she creates works of art on her clients hair. 

Outside of her expanding hair artistry skills she loves plants having more than she can count in her room at home. In the studio she manages to give each of the many plants plenty of loving care. If you need plant advice Morgan is your gal. 

Morgan is also a Makeup artist able to reproduce the amazing looks of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. If you’re wanting a look that has the classic charm of yesteryear Morgan can make you look like a movie star.

Instagram: @morganabel_mua