Hair Journeys

Is it time to show the world you have
got your shit together?

Or maybe you don’t care what the world thinks and want to look and feel

Whatever your vibe, you want your hair to look DAMN good. But sometimes, you aren’t sure what your 'do' should be.

Should you go for a close cut pixie crop, low-key waves, an undone bob or even a modern mullet?

Take the journey with us, and you will never have to self-prescribe or ask google again. The days of disappointing hair results will be over.

Our Hair Artists know what looks good. They also know what will suit your face shape, your style, and your level of daring! But, more than just knowing, they are SHIT HOT at doing too. They can transform the shape, colour and style of your hair. Partnering with you, they will ensure you not only look good but FEEL fabulous - a goddess with a dazzling crown!

How do they do it?

Well, let’s take the journey now…


The Common Thread Customer Journey

Our studio is a haven.

It's your haven.

It's the place you come to discover yourself and become you again.

No pressures, no life drama… just you, your hair dreams and our transformational space.

Oh, and our phenomenal team of Artists and Alchemists, of course!

When you visit a hair studio, you don’t want to explain what you want every time. Instead, you want to know you are in trusted hands, working with someone who understands you and your goals.

That is the whole reason why we have honed and perfected our Customer Journey so that you can walk in and feel at home, knowing that your Artist has your interests at the forefront of her mind.

How The Journey Works


The Why

The only thing that is certain in this world is that there will always be change. As we change, we need our look to evolve with us. This is what we excel at - discovering the real you and creating the perfect style to reflect that.

The first step of the journey is to match you with the ideal Hair Artist. One you will gel with and who will help you turn those goals and hair dreams into reality.

Never again will you need to spend hours trawling Pinterest hunting for a haircut that might suit you only to find out your hair won’t play ball. Your Artist will have you covered by creating your dream look every visit, one that you can manage and reproduce when you get home.

The How

Once we understand your 'why', your needs become our priority. Then, we map out exactly how we are going to achieve your transformation.

This becomes a mutual commitment between yourself and your Artist.

With respect and expertise, your Artist will become your guide. It is an honour to be entrusted to collaborate on expressing your desires for you. 

The What

Every journey needs a planned pathway. Your Artist will make recommendations on what the commitment should be for us to achieve the goal.

This includes the number of sessions required, when those sessions should be scheduled, the products involved, the haircare preparation needed, any potential hurdles, and the investment required.

This intricate journey is all stored in our system so that it executes like clockwork, providing reminders and personal touchpoints at the precise moments they are needed.

The Beauty Of The Customer Journey

A journey is not all about the destination. It is about embracing every step of getting to the destination. It is about transformation and progress.

Trust in your guide is key. This is why our Customer Journey is about forming a partnership with you. Mutual respect is what drives us all forward to success.

We are truly honoured by every guest that commits to taking a journey with us. So, like a truffle on top of all this, your fabulous self will earn lumens and unlock exclusive guest only offers too.


So, are you ready to take your first step towards your latest transformation?

Then, contact Meredith at the studio today, 09 238 1460.