Our Team


CREATIVE DIRECTOR Tracy is the creative genius behind Common Thread, setting it up at the fresh age of 26, having previously worked for Stephen Marr for more than a decade (yep, she started young!). She has two loves in her job - educating staff and clients; and influencing her clients' confidence through the power of hair artistry. She loves clients with super straight hair who want a very precise shape.

"I get lost in the challenge to perfect any imperfections, so that when it moves in any direction it's flawless."

She's also at her best when achieving the 'unachievable' for clients who've been lead to believe their hair 'can't' do something.  

"I don't do CAN'T, ask my team - that word isn't welcome at Common Thread."

She's all about honesty and trust with her clients, but then that is the Common Thread mantra. She loves trying new things and has been testing freehand cutting (where the hair is cut dry, using just scissors and your hands to feel the shape). It allows the hair to fall naturally, creating a more organic form and making it super easy to wear.

She also loves a classic, sharp French bob - "so sleek and oozes that don't f*ck with me charm".