What you need to know about getting a booking after lockdown

What you need to know about getting a booking after lockdown

We have a reopening date. 

Thursday 25th of November.

We are approaching rescheduling our wonderful guests by working down the list starting with the 18th of August. So for our super organised guests who already had a pre-made appointment in December, your booking still stands. However, with changes to the staff roster, we may need to adjust your booking to pair with this.  If you did not have a booking throughout lockdown and would like one, please email Meredith ( and she will put you on our waitlist.

Here’s where we need your help.

Each of the hair artist’s will be contacting their guest directly. Our preference is to do this via email. Due to most of the team having young families, juggling rescheduling and playing phone tag while doing home education and childminding is challenging and not overly professional.  

We are reopening under the traffic light regulations. The team in the studio are fully vaccinated, and in red and orange, it requires all studio guests to be fully vaccinated.  In green, we can welcome any single vaccinated or non-vaccinated guests.

For us to be super-efficient at communicating with all our guests, it would be beneficial to know the following things:

Your vax status
We are operating with the guidelines of the traffic light system, all fully vaccinated guest are welcome in red and orange. Our unvaccinated guest are welcome in green. *If your choice is to be unvaccinated, please let us know and we will put you on our waitlist ready for when we get to green.
Inspired to change from your norm
Is it time for a transformation?  Do you want go blonde for summer? Have you realised your greys aren’t that confronting after all, and want to embrace them? Did lockdown get you thinking ‘screw it, I’m gunna do X when I can get to the studio’. We need to know to schedule the correct amount of time to achieve this for you.
Used box dye?
Have you coloured your hair with a box dye of ANY kind. Or if you’ve amplified using pigmented shampoo or conditioner (yes, purple shampoo addict’s, I’m looking at you). Box dye in particular is a major red flag for us, as it can be unpredictable to work with. Along with other pigments, it’s another layer of buildup that to be honest needs to be remove before we are confident we can go ahead with your colour service. And when we reopen, we just don’t have the luxury of time to do this. As a solution for you we have salon prep kits available to use the day before your session. (Added bonus, if you can do this at home it will save you time and money spent in the studio) If your unsure which one is right for you, please speak to your hair artist.
What’s your availability?
Preference to days/times? Would you rather wait it out till January because you’re heading to the beach for the summer holidays and you’re going to neglect your hair anyway?  Or soon as the border opens, you are outta here visiting your dearly missed loved ones?
What’s your hair investment budget?
Has lockdown has changed your position, and hair is not a priority when we reopen? Or you’d like to see another hair artist in the team at a lesser hourly rate?
What’s your main hair priority?
Are you happy to forgo having one of your services (i.e. satisfied if you could get the cut, and you’ll leave the colour till after Xmas) just so you can get in?
Experiencing new reaction’s or sensitivity’s.
Lockdown has caused a lot of stress and anxiety amongst other things and this can lead to unexpected reactions at the salon.
Also, if you’ve change any medication and to be safe you’d like a skin reaction test before your session please let us know.

Couple of things you need to know about rescheduling your booking:

    1. In previous communication, we’ve informed you about how we’ve made a move from an a la carte service menu, to a new all-inclusive session and hourly rate model.  This means regardless of what service you want and need; the rate is the same.  For example, for easy math, your hair artists hourly rate is $100.  You’ve booked for a 3-hour session; the bill is $300. Simple and transparent.
    2. We require a 50% deposit to secure any bookings. We kindly ask this to be paid once your hair-artist has confirmed your session.
    3. We will offer to hold you a booking for a limited time which we will note. If we do not hear from you within this timeframe, respectfully, we will need to offer it to someone else on our list.
    4. If you’re after a transformation, something new from your norm, we’d love to do a video consultation before reopening so we can get straight onto it and not bite in our session time on the day.

The hard truth is that we can not accommodate our entire clientele before Xmas.

Our fundamental focus upon our return is to show up the best possible way for you, our guests.  And for us, we define that as operating respectfully and safely by following the health and safety guidelines. By dedicating our time solely to you, no more double bookings and creating unique, high-quality hair.  This is not achievable if we react in a pressure cooker. 

So to put it into perspective, as mentioned most of the team have young families, and I do not expect them to hustle doing 80 hour weeks. As an example, take a 40 hour week with most guests needing a 3-hour returning session.  That hair artist can accommodate 14 clients v’s, 28 clients, when operating with double bookings. By saying this, we ask for understanding and patience during this time.

Although rescheduling all your missed appointments is a daunting task, we will endeavour to do our very best to accommodate all our guests as efficiently as possible.

The team are chomping at the bit to get back into the salon with you. To revitalise tired locks, and send you back out into the world, lighter, brighter and wonderfully you.


Please communicate directly via email to your hair artist with where you’re at, and let’s get you booked back in.