Hopeful for a re-opening date after Cabinet decide on May 11.

Hi Friends


Empathticly I'd love to ask, how are you doing? Truly?


I'd don't know about you but this week's certainly been a challenging one. I'd dropped the ball of optimism, it'd rolled away somewhere, and I felt like I was never going to find it again - but, alas it had rolled behind the couch while in my all-day wearing pjs and numbness from kid's movies pity party.


True story.


Even though I new Common Thread was not likely to be aloud to open until L2, it's a different feeling when told you CAN'T go back to doing what you love just yet, but we'll be in touch when you can.  


My virtual guru, Simon Sinek mention in a speech to his team. "There is a light at the end of this tunnel, regardless of how long the tunnel is. Even if it is faint at times, the light is still there, and I can see it".


And since I've got out of my pj's, and fixated on that light again, I knew it was about time to check-in and update.


Cabinet will decide on May 11 whether to move out of alert L3, after this announcement we hope to have a fixed reopening date. Until we have a fixed reopening date, we cannot efficiently reschedule missed appointments. It would be an admin reshuffling disaster if attempted now.


As mentioned in our Easter email:

  • Our known (and if we don't know who you are, please give us a shout out) essential workers (medical and supermarket industries) who have put their selves at risk for us during this time will be the first to have a phone call to lock in their booking. You peeps are absolute legends and deserve to take a bit of time to yourself. Extra head massage coming right up!
  • Any clients who cancelled their appointments two weeks before lockdown due to a COVID-19 related reason, i.e., being stood down, kids being pulled from school, unwell, travelled etc., will be contacted and their appointment will be locked in
  • Following this, missed bookings from the March 24 consecutively will be contacted, and their date will be locked in.

We ask for understanding, kindness, patients, and all those lessons learnt during this time regarding perspective as we go through the rescheduling process.


My team and I are committed to working seven days a week on a split roster to tend to the initial demand. With this in mind, any existing bookings you have within the demand time may need to be adjusted, and respectfully we ask for realistic flexibility.


If you did not have a booking within the lockdown period and your due to come back soon, please still touch base, let us know what you want to do and a couple of date/time preferences, and we'll be in touch.


Our online booking is open, again, pencil in what your after and we'll be in touch once we have a reopen date as to if/how we need to reschedule you.


If you need more home hair care, our online store is open! As of next week, I'll be able to courier the product to those who are not local. Local's, I'll be dropping it in your letterbox. (Pppsst, I've just had a delivery of Beauty Dust Root Powders to help conceal your regrowth! There A-MAZING, super user friendly.


I briefly wanted to touch base on a couple of requests to sell pre-mixed hair colour during L3. The answer is NO. It is against hairdressing regulations to sell professional product to be applied not by non-professional. Although I can see how it could be a solution to your regrowth woe's, it's incredibly dangerous, and I'm not prepared to put anyone at risk with potential misuse which could cause a severe reaction.


My incredible team and I have been diligently stipping back how we used to do business, have looked opportunities to reinvent and are pivoting Common Thread when we return. Collectively, you as our studio guest and us as hair artists, we have to take on a different approach and responsibility to keep each other safe. Although NZ COVID-19 cases are thankfully reducing, it's not going to be gone, and it won't be for some time.


I fill you in on these changes and how they affect you next time I touch base.


With Anzac Day on Monday, I'd like to talk a moment to acknowledge all those who fought for our country. And acknowledge you! You are a hero of today, be it with undesirable regrowth, neck fuzz or overgrown and misshapen. Find comfort in reminding yourself you're doing your part to save lives in our community. And be damn proud of that.